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us politics, list of sterilization-friendly doctors 

Reddit's Childfree sub has a user-compiled list of sterilization-friendly doctors in the US, with reviews, organized by state and city.

There's also an International section.

Boosts welcome.

oh, speaking of opsec: leave the phone at home. turn it off and leave it home. ideally you should bury it in the woods but this is usually impractical for various reasons

DO NOT FLY THE US FLAG UPSIDE DOWN AS A PROTEST. This isn't a respect thing, it's literally the universal symbol of emergency duress to signal that you need someone to check on you discreetly for emergency assistance. It means your life is in immediate danger and you need assistance *now*.

You *will* get neighbors, paramedics, firefighters, or worse, a cop, knocking on your door to check if you're OK if you do this.

re: US pol, admin 

yes this post is ungodly late, I have somehow acquired a life outside running these systems and yelling into the Internet

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US pol, admin 

is now allowed to trend on I expect other variations of the tag to crop up in the next few days and I'll probably miss allowing them (yes, I have to manually approve every single trending tag).

I don't really have anything productive to add to the conversation here. Obviously this is a disaster and I want out like everyone else.

All that said, please note that use of services to organize violent actions will end in a ban. I'm not about to be liable for your bad opsec.

Imagining a monocled villain doing the mustache twirl and asking "How can we steal something people are already giving away?" This is my informed opinion of GitHub Copilot.


also i may have typhoid mary'd everyone in the same desk column as me at work 🙃​

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rapidly and violently oscillating between "this isn't that bad, i'll probably be able to WFH tomorrow" and "i will be in the hospital in 36 hours"

re: twitter, iinux, possibly risque? 

this account is always weird but this post is a new level

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is now allowed to trend on, i am officially a rainbow capitalist

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