fucken. 33 mosquito bites. counted them. how much would a 55-gallon drum of hydrocortisone cost, to take a bath in.


I can't find anywhere to buy hyrocortisone cream by the barrel, but you can get it by the pound. About 450 of these will get you 55 gallons for just $10,350 (barrel not included).

Alternatively, you can buy relatively pure hyrocortisone acetate and mix it yourself. Just two of these 1kg barrels will be enough to get you a 1% concentration, about the same as store-bought, for just $7590. Add in a drum of jelly for $1250 and the barrel comes free.

@wasabipesto hmm that's a little steep but maybe i can resell it. "for sale, hydrocortisone cream (1%), lightly used"

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