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"yeah i was thinking it would be more expensive than i thought but it was more expensive than i thought more expensive than i thought was going to be" ~ @evets

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i printed a ranni

unfortunately her fingers didn't print cleanly :(

is it even possible to buy ARM servers as a regular human or

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should be more stable now - if it's not i'll finally give in and put up the money for a "real" server

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spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out why this wasn't showing up in the emoji picker before realizing the picker has a pure white bg

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mastodon is also unabashedly my least favorite thing on this system (or maybe second to bitwarden) so it gets to put up with this and find all the problems first

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goal is to get all services into a single postgres cluster with lots of DBs instead of having a bunch of little ones. there are several reasons this happened in the first place and why it's terrible but it will take time to unwind the badness

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ok several days of brokeness later we should have mastodon back online and functioning with the new db

they still have their own lockers for package pick up in the office btw. they just. aren't using them anymore? or something? who knows

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> wait for amazon to deliver package
> wait some more
> wait some more
> screw it, need to go to campus, don't want to miss class
> get to classroom
> text from landlord "hey we got a package for you, come pick it up in the office"
> class gets out
> office is closed

from now on all the packages are going to amazon lockers
no idea what to do about everything else but

rust levels are 98% and steady

(98%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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