ok, it looks like some stuff is just fucking Gone but new files (even from remotes) are appearing fine

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@evets (in all honesty the things are cheap and easy so)

cleaning up media migration mess, apologies for slowdowns or dropped attachements

@evets i'm wanting to experiment with some vaugely networky stuff, and doing it in software on a few cheap micros is way cheaper and probably easier than like. SDN crap. (i am not aiming for high speeds or anything.)
a literal kit would probably be the easiest option since i'm not entirely sure what i want or need other than a ton of jumpers and some breadboards at least

switching gears entirely, does anyone have recs for a "get started with microcontrollers" kit of some sort with like. wires, LEDs, breadboards, etc? i have a Project Idea but since I'm not CompE/EE i don't have that sort of stuff just lying around

(this isn't to say that ASSC is wrong - actually, i can't say much about their ideology in general because i haven't read the whole fucking manifesto - but i imagine for many, the backing ideas will register 0 fucks)

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i think the platform is kinda neat, it seems like a sort of. mini-tumblr? almost? but i really don't understand how it's... different, other than being made by people who have spent far too much time in the Valley's grinder

perhaps it's just too early to be passing any kind of judgement. i've parked a handle over there because namespace land rush and we'll see what happens

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the last time i thought about cohost was pre-mastodon.boiler.social, and i distinctly recall thinking "they need to get the tip button working asap if they want to keep floating"
i now have an account and can confirm there is no tip button so i am not optimistic

@132ikl i tell you hwat that orange website just ain't right

@suricrasia @tsvety

I don't really get why "I need to have been created sooner" is something it reasonably should try to seek revenge about

oversimplified ex:
goal: help humanity in some way
implication: the sooner i exist the more help i can do
implicit goal: exist ASAP

@suricrasia arch is honestly pretty decent, esp now that archinstall is A Thing. if you want "arch but really, really easy" there's also endeavouros but then you get into "ree that's not Arch" territory with some people

@evets the max volume dubbed My Hero Academia that was on the entire time i was cooking
to be fair, that was in the living room, on the common-use media setup

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