switching gears entirely, does anyone have recs for a "get started with microcontrollers" kit of some sort with like. wires, LEDs, breadboards, etc? i have a Project Idea but since I'm not CompE/EE i don't have that sort of stuff just lying around

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@cxberger are you looking for a literal kit to buy, or just like. a list of things? roughly what are you trying to make?

@evets i'm wanting to experiment with some vaugely networky stuff, and doing it in software on a few cheap micros is way cheaper and probably easier than like. SDN crap. (i am not aiming for high speeds or anything.)
a literal kit would probably be the easiest option since i'm not entirely sure what i want or need other than a ton of jumpers and some breadboards at least

@cxberger most kits would probably have stuff you don't honestly need for this? like if it's networking between microcontrollers then you could probably get away with just a pack of resistors for termination/pull downs, some LEDs for blinkenlights, and some buttons for that tactile feeling. get decent breadboards and use solid core wire that you cut to size for jumpers, your signal quality will thank you later.

@evets (in all honesty the things are cheap and easy so)

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